1st Biennial Emergy Research Conference


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Emergy Synthesis: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology
  1. Emergy Synthesis: An Introduction
    M.T. Brown, S. Brandt-Williams, D. Tilley, and S. Ulgiati
  2. Energy, Emergy and Embodied Exergy: diverging or converging approaches?
    Sergio Ulgiati
  3. The Transformity of Riverine Sediments in the Mississippi Delta
    Jay Martin
  4. Emternalitie - Theory and Assessment
    Gonzague Pillet, David Maradan, Nicole Zingg, and Sherry Brandt-Williams
  5. Emergy Analysis of the New Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline (Gasbol)
    Maria Silvia Romitelli
  6. Transformities and Exergetic Cost - A Discussion
    J.T.V. Pereira and S.A. Nebra
  7. Emergy Evaluation of Ecosystems: a basis for environmental decision making
    Eliana Bardi and Mark T. Brown
  8. Emergy Analysis of Tomato Production Systems
    Charlotte Lagerberg
  9. Sustainable Use of Potable Water in Florida: an Emergy Analysis of Water Supply and Treatment Alternatives
    Andres A. Buenfil
  10. Simulating Emergy and Materials in Hierarchical Steps
    Howard T. Odum
  11. The Hierarchical Pattern of Energy Flow in Ecological-Economic Systems Representing Three Geographic Scales
    David R. Tilley and Mark T. Brown
  12. Emergy Evalnations of Material Cycles and Recycle Options
    Mark T. Brown and Vorasun Buranakarn
  13. Toward a Mathematical Formulation of the Maximum Em-Power Principle
    Corrado Giannantoni
  14. Emergy Analysis of Channel Catfish Farming in Alabama - USA
    E. Ortega, J.F. Queiroz, C.E. Boyd, and J.M.G. Ferraz
  15. Emergy Evaluation of Organic and Conventional Horticultural Production in Botucatu, Sao Paulo State, Brazil
    Vito Comar
  16. Embodied Energy and Emergy Analysis of Wastewater Treatment Using Wetlands
    Jae-Young Ko, Jay Martin, and John W. Day
  17. Sweden Food System Analysis
    Susanne Johansson, Steven Doherty, and Torbjörn Rydberg
  18. Spatial Transformities for Alachua County, Florida
    J. David Lambert
  19. An Energy Hierarchy Law for Biogeochemical Cycles
    Howard T. Odum
  20. Transformity and Potential Effect of Feedback in Human Dominated Systems - Using Wastewater as an Example
    Johanna Björklund
  21. A Revised Solar Transformity for Tidal Energy Received by the Earth and Dissipated Glohally: Implications for Emergy Analysis
    Daniel E. Campbell
  22. Calculating Transformities with an Eigenvector Method
    Dennis Collins and Howard T. Odum
  23. Emergy Analysis and Trends for Ethanol Production in Brazil
    C.R. Lanzotli, E. Ortega, and S.M.G. Guerra
  24. Emergy Evaluation of the Environment and Economy of Nicaragua
    Margarita Cuadra and Torbjörn Rydberg
  25. Energy and Emergy Assessment of Municipal Waste Collection. A case study
    Federico Luchi and Sergio Ulgiati
  26. Sublimation
    David M. Scienceman and Florence Ledoux


Brown, M.T. 2001 (ed). Emergy Synthesis 1: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology. Proceedings of the 1st Biennial Emergy Conference. Center for Environmental Policy, University of Florida, Gainesville. 319 pages.

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1st Biennial Conference

September 1999

University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

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