2nd Biennial Emergy Research Conference


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Emergy Synthesis 2: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology
  1. Energy Hierarchy and Transformity in the Universe
    Howard T. Odum
  2. Mathematical Formulation of the Maximum Em-Power Principle
    Corrado Giannantoni
  3. Spatial Modeling of Empower and Environmental Loading
    Mark T. Brown
  4. The Correlation Between GDP And Both Energy Use And Emergy Use
    Jae-Young Ko and Charles A. S. Hall
  5. Environmental Accounting for The Saemangeum Tideland Reclamation Project
    Suk Mo Lee, Woo Suk Kim, and Ji Ho Son
  6. From Emergy Analysis to Public Policy: Soybean in Brazil
    E. Ortega , M. Miller, M.H. Anami, P.R. Beskow
  7. Sustainability Assessment of Slash-And-Burn and Fire-Free Agriculture in Northeastern Pará, Brazil
    Rodrigues, G.S.; Kitamura, P.C.; Sá, T.D. de A.; Vielhauer, K.
  8. Environmental and Economic Aspects of Agro-forestry and Agricultural Systems in Chiapas, Mexico
    Hugo A. Guillén Trujillo
  9. Emergy Evaluation of Building Operation in Thailand
    Vorasun Buranakarn
  10. Emergy and Life-Cycle Assessment of Steel Production in Europe
    Silvia Bargigli and Sergio Ulgiati
  11. Emergetic and Exergetic Analysis of a Combined Cycle Power Plant
    Simone Tonon and Alberto Mirandola
  12. On the Rationale of the Transformity Method
    Dennis Collins
  13. Mathematics for Quality. Living and Non-living Systems
    Corrado Giannantoni
  14. Transformities from Ecosystem Energy Webs with the Eigenvalue Method
    Howard T. Odum and Dennis Collins
  15. Emergy Analysis of the Prehistoric Global Nitrogen Cycle
    Daniel E. Campbell
  16. Spectral Transformities for Solar Radiation Reaching the Earth
    David R. Tilley
  17. Transformity and Simulation of Microbial Ecosystems
    Howard T. Odum
  18. Emergy Perspectives on the Argentine Economy Throughout the Twentieth Century
    Cecilia Ferreyra and Mark T. Brown
  19. Emergy Evaluation of a Common Market Economy: MERCOSUR Sustainability
    Mark T. Brown, Cecilia Ferreyra and Eliana Bardi
  20. Student Empower: A Teaching Exercise
    Elisabeth C. Odum and Howard T. Odum
  21. Emergy Comparison of Ethanol Production in Brazil: Traditional Versus Small Distillery With Food and Electricity Production
    Ortega, E., Ometto A.R., Ramos P.A.R., Anami M.H., Lombardi G., Coelho, O.F.
  22. Evaluation of a Coal Gasification Process Towards Hydrogen Production: An Integrated Assessment
    Marco Raugei, Silvia Bargigli, and Sergio Ulgiati
  23. Fertilizer Co-Products as Agricultural Emternalities: Quantifying Environmental Services Used in Production of Food
    Sherry Brandt-Williams and Gonzague Pillet
  24. The Energy Basis Of A Subtropical Wetland Mesocosm
    C. Streb, E. Biermann, S. Lutz, P. Kangas and W. Adey
  25. A Note on the Uncertainty in Estimates of Transformities Based on Global Water Budgets
    Daniel E. Campbell
  26. Dynamic Emergy Simulation of Soil Genesis and Techniques for Estimating Transformity Confidence Envelopes
    Matthew Cohen
  27. Emergy Evaluation for Sustainable Development Strategy of Fisheries Resources in Darién, Panama
    John McLachlan-Karr
  28. An Environmental Accounting of Water Resources Production System in the Samoggia Creek Area Using Emergy Method
    Laura Fugaro, Nadia Marchettini, Ilaria Principi
  29. Emergy Evaluation Of The "Emternalities" In Non-Industrialized Regions: The Case of Two Mountain Communities in Italy
    Federico M. Pulselli, Riccardo M. Pulselli, Maria P. Picchi
  30. Emergy Assessment of Incineration and Landfilling of Municipal Solid Waste in Italy
    Niccolucci V., Panzieri M., Porcelli M. , Ridolfi R.
  31. Social Structure and Ecotourism Development on Bonaire
    Thomas Abel


Brown, M.T. H.T. Odum, D. Tilley and S. Ulgiati. 2003. (eds) Emergy Synthesis 2: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology. Proceedings of the 2nd biennial emergy conference held at Gainesville, FL September 2001. The Center for Environmental Policy, University of Florida, Gainesville. 432 pages.

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2nd Biennial Conference

 20-22, 2001

University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

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