3rd Biennial Emergy Research Conference


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Emergy Synthesis 3: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology

Theories, Applications, and Comparisons

  1. Areal Empower Density, Unit Emergy Values, and Emformation
    Mark T. Brown
  2. An Energy Systems View of Karl Marx's Concepts of Production and Labor Value
    Howard T. Odum and David Scienceman
  3. Differential Bases of Emergy Algebra
    Corrado Giannantoni
  4. A Linear Optimization Method for Computing Transformities from Ecosystem Energy Webs
    Eliana Bardi, Matthew J. Cohen, and Mark T. Brown
  5. Emergy, Transformity and Network Analysis of Everglades Ecosystems
    Matthew J. Cohen, Eliana Bardi, Mark T. Brown, and Wes W. Ingwersen
  6. Moral Codes II
    Dennis Collins
  7. How Many "Fourth" Principles Are There In Thermodynamics?
    Corrado Giannantoni
  8. The Rising Value of Water Due to Scarcity in Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Maria Silvia Romitelli
  9. Protecting Environmental Welfare: Comparison of Emergetic and Economic Valuation
    Tingting Cai, Thomas W. Olsen, and Daniel E. Campbell

Methodology, Theory, and Applications

  1. Current Technical Problems in Emergy Analysis
    Daniel E. Campbell, Sherry L. Brandt-Williams, and Tingting Cai
  2. Emergy "Yield" Ratio - Problems and Misapplications
    Marco Raugei, Silvia Bargigli, and Sergio Ulgiati
  3. Making Emergy Analysis More Popular for Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing - Challenges and Opportunities
    Jorge L. Hau and Bhavik R. Bakshi
  4. Discussion on Emergy Allocation in Joint Production and Wastes
    Ricardo Vieira and Tiago Domingos

Environmental Accounting

  1. Financial Accounting Methods to Further Develop and Communicate Environmental Accounting Using Emergy
    Daniel E. Campbell
  2. Dotting the I's and Crossing the T's of Emergy Synthesis: Material Flows, Information and Memory Aspects, and Performance Indicators
    Sergio Ulgiati, Silvia Bargigli, and Marco Raugei
  3. Combining Bookkeeping Techniques and Emergy Analysis
    Enrique Ortega, Oscar Sarcinelli, and Paulo Bento Maffei de Souza
  4. Vivantary Responsibility and Emergy Accounting
    Eldon H. Franz and Daniel E. Campbell
  5. Historical Solar Emergy Use in the United States and its Relation to Technological Development
    David R. Tilley
  6. Matrix Reloaded: The Emergy View
    Antonio L. Philomena and Karla L. Cozza
  7. Thermodynamic Input-Output Analysis of Economic and Ecological Systems with Application to the U.S. Economy
    Nandan U. Ukidwe and Bhavik R. Bakshi
  8. Emergy Synthesis of Socio-Economic Metabolism
    Chun-Lin Lee and Shu-li Huang

Sustainability, Carrying Capacity, and Models

  1. Energetic Mechanisms and Development of Urban Landscape System
    Shu-Li Huang
  2. The Need for Emergy Related Measures of Economic Productivity
    Donald L. Adolphson
  3. Combined Use of Emergy Synthesis and GIS for Environmental Sustainability Assessment: The Case Study of the Roccamonfina Natural Park, Italy
    Pier Paolo Franzese, Stefano Dumontet, Antonio Scopa, and Sergio Ulgiati
  4. An Emergy-Based Model for Diver Carrying Capacity on Coral Reefs
    Ramy K. Serour and Patrick C. Kangas
  5. Emergy Evaluation of Welfare: A Case Study in Italy
    Enzo Tiezzi, Federico M. Pulselli, Fabiana Mapelli, and Laura Fugaro
  6. Emergy and Socio-Ecological Principles in Sustainability Assessment: Methodological Considerations from a Wastewater Treatment Case Study
    Erik Grönlund, Anders Klang, Per-Åke Vikman
  7. The Introduction of Emergy Indices in the Certification of Organic Products: Adaptation and Potential
    Consuelo L. Fernandez Pereira and Enrique Ortega
  8. Emergy Assessment for Urban Sustainable Development
    Hong-fang Lu, Shen-fang Lan, and Shao-lin Peng
  9. An Exploration of the Use of Emergy in Sustainability Evaluation
    Ricardo Vieira, Ana Simões, and Tiago Domingos

Case Studies, Theories, and Applications

  1. Nested Comparative Emergy Assessments Using Milk Production as a Case Study
    Sherry L. Brandt-Williams and Charlotte Lagerberg Fogelberg
  2. Investigating a 20-Year National Economic Dynamics By Means of Emergy-Based Indicators
    Catia Cialani, Daniela Russi, and Sergio Ulgiati
  3. Emergy Evaluation of the Swedish Economy Since the 1950's
    Peter Hagström and Per Olov Nilsson
  4. Quantifying the Role of Exports in Pennsylvania's Economy Using Emergy
    David Riposo and Sherry L. Brandt-Williams
  5. It's About Getting Value for Your Money - But How Fair Are the Resource Flows?
    Torbjörn Rydberg and Margarita Cuadra
  6. Emergy Analysis of Selected Local and National Transport Systems in Italy
    Mirco Federici, Franco Ruzzenenti, Sergio Ulgiati, and Riccardo Basosi
  7. Emergy Evaluation of Lacandon Maya Agroforestry in Chiapas, Mexico
    Stewart A.W. Diemont, Jay F. Martin, and Samuel Levy-Tacher
  8. Emergy Analysis of Three Forest Activities in Taiwan
    Chung-Hsin Juan and Yu-Fung Chang
  9. Jau's National Park, Central Brazilian Amazon. Emergy and Socio-Environmental Assessment of Resident Riverine Population
    Vito Comar
  10. Emergy and Material Synthesis of an Agro-Forest Restoration System in Lower Subtropical China
    Shao-lin Peng, Hong-fang Lu, Zhi-an Li, and Ming-Mao Ding
  11. The Use of Emergy Indices in the Environmental Certification of a Territory
    Roberto Ridolfi, Valentina Niccolucci, Riccardo M. Pulselli, and Simone Bastianoni
  12. Emergy Analysis of the Salt Production Process at the SečOvlje Saltpans, Slovenia
    Jana Babič
  13. Emergy Evaluation of Air Biofilters for Carbon Monoxide Removal
    Priti Ganeshan and David R. Tilley
  14. Emergy Analysis of Bolivia's Natural Gas
    José-Luis Izursa and David R. Tilley
  15. Emergy of Algal Systems Revisited
    David M. Blersch, Walter Mulbry, and Patrick Kangas
  16. Spirulina Economy: A Microcosm Evaluation
    Karla L. Cozza, Antonio L. Philomena and Jorge A.V. Costa


Brown, M.T.E. Bardi, D.E. Campbell, V. Comar, S. Huang, T. Rydberg, D. Tilley and S. Ulgiati (eds). 2005. Emergy Synthesis 3: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology. Proceedings of the 3rd Biennial Emergy Conference. Center for Environmental Policy, University of Florida, Gainesville. 652 pages.

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3rd Biennial Conference

January 29-31, 2004

University of Florida
J. Wayne Reitz Union
Rm. 282
Gainesville, Florida

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