5th Biennial Emergy Research Conference


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Emergy Synthesis 5: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology

Theory and Conceptual Frameworks

  1. Emergy and a Policy of the Commons
    Sergio Ulgiati, Amalia Zucaro and Pier Paolo Franzese
  2. Towards a Transdisciplinary Understanding of Emergy Accumulation
    Daniel Bergquist and Torbjörn Rydberg
  3. Political Spectrum Models
    Dennis Collins
  4. Why Is Emergy So Difficult to Explain to My Environmental Science Friends?
    Erik Grönlund
  5. Sustainable Growth: Dominating Debate and an Emergy View
    Robert B. Mangoyana and Erik Grönlund
  6. The Measure of Unsustainability in Emergy Evaluation
    Simone Bastianoni, Riccardo Pulselli, Benedetto Rugani and Valentina Niccolucci

Ecosystems and Wildlife

  1. Emergy-based Evaluation of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services: The Case Study of Astroni Wildlife Reserve, Italy
    Pier Paolo Franzese, Salvatore Arico, Silvio Viglia, Giovanni Russo and Sergio Ulgiati
  2. Emergy Synthesis of Natural Capital and Environmental Services of the United States Forest Service System
    Elliott Campbell
  3. Emergy Performance Indicators, Ecosystem Function and Maximum Empower Principle
    Jana Laganis
  4. Energetics of Mud Volcanoes in East Java, Indonesia
    John McLachlan-Karr, Indrasurya B. Mochtar and Amien Widodo
  5. Emergy Analysis of Tidal Freshwater Marsh and Mudflat Sportfish Communities on Anacostia River, Washington, D.C.
    Peter I. May and Patrick C. Kangas
  6. Wildlife and Wind Energy: An Emergy Analysis of Bird and Bat Impacts at Maple Ridge Wind Farm
    David Riposo and Patrick C. Kangas

Emergy Evaluations of Technology and Sustainability

  1. Emergy Synthesis of Chinese Magnesium Production - A Case of "Maximum Power" at Work
    Marco Raugei, Sergio Ulgiati and Francesco Cherubini
  2. An Approach to Solar Technologies Efficiency Evaluation
    Chiara Paoli, Paolo Vassallo and Mauro Fabiano
  3. Comparative Emergy Synthesis of a Theoretical Offshore Wind Farm for Jacksonville, Florida
    Stacey Dolan, Mark T. Brown and H.A. Ingley III
  4. Emergy Evaluation of the Current Solid Waste Management System in a Sicilian District and Comparison with Future Scenarios
    Angela Daniela La Rosa
  5. Human and Natural Contributions for Waste Water Treatment
    Paolo Vassallo, Chiara Paoli, Mauro Fabiano
  6. Feasibility of Treatment Wetlands for Municipal Wastewater in Colombia: Emergy Evaluation of Treatment Alternatives
    Mauricio E. Arias and Mark T. Brown
  7. Comparative Emergy Synthesis for Green Engineering
    John R. Schramski, David R. Tilley, Timothy L. Carter and Neha Rustagi
  8. Total Energy Requirements of a Living Extensive Green Roof
    Neha Rustagi, David R. Tilley and John Schramski
  9. Emergy Evaluation of a Green Cloak: A Lightweight Alternative to Conventional Green Roofs
    Laura Schumann and David R. Tilley
  10. Emergy Synthesis of a Pyrolysis Process
    Kaushlendra Singh, E. W. Tollner, Sudhagar Mani, L. Mark Risse, K.C. Das, and John Worley
  11. An Emergy Comparison of Different Alternatives for the Cogeneration of Heat and Electricity
    Silvia Bargigli, V. Cigolotti, A. Moreno, D. Pierini, and Sergio Ulgiati

Agricultural, Rural and Urban Systems

  1. Emergy Assessment of Biodiesel from Conventional, Organic, and Agroecological Soybean
    Otávio Cavalett and Enrique Ortega
  2. Emergy Assessment of Ethanol Production from Sugarcane in Brazil
    Consuelo de Lima Fernandez Pereira and Enrique Ortega
  3. Evaluating Feasibility and Sustainability of Bioethanol Production: A Case Study Comparison In China (Wheat) And Italy (Corn)
    Xiaobin Dong, Sergio Ulgiati, Maochao Yan, Xinshi Zhang and Wangsheng Gao
  4. Emergy and Economic Assessment of Apple Production Systems in the South of Brazil
    Guilherme Francescatto, Feni Agostinho, Gilson R. Nachtigall, Antonio de A. Nobre Jr. and Enrique Ortega
  5. The Ranching for Sustainability Club: Grass Roots Change for Dairy Production in Chiapas, Mexico
    Rigoberto Alfaro, Stewart Diemont, Bruce Ferguson and Jay Martin
  6. Emergy Analysis for Small Farmers
    Alexandre Souza and Enrique Ortega
  7. General Model for On-line Emergy Analysis of Agricultural Systems
    Fábio Takahashi, Enrique Ortega, Teldes Albuquerque and Mileine Zanghetin
  8. Emergy Value of Mass Flows in a Tropical Ecosystem, as Native Forest and as Sugar-cane Plantation at Watersheds in Sao Paulo State, Brazil
    Marcos Djun-Barbosa Watanabe and Enrique Ortega
  9. Emergy Evaluation of Water Management in the Florence Area
    Federico M. Pulselli, Riccardo M. Pulselli, Nicoletta Patrizi and Nadia Marchettini
  10. Landscape Evaluation and Carrying Capacity Calculation on the Mogi-Guaçu and Pardo Watershed
    Feni Agostinho and Enrique Ortega
  11. A System-Based River Simulation: Model Validation and Assessment of Mogi-Guaçu River, São Paulo, Brazil
    Marlei Roling Scariot, Maria Silvia Romitelli and Enrique Ortega

Economic and Social Systems

  1. Valuing the Subsistence Use of Goods and Services in Louisiana Coastal Communities: Using Emergy to Analyze Non-Market Activities as a Case Study
    Amy E. Hunter, Ray C. Brassieur, Benjamin Vivas and Eldon C. Blancher, II
  2. Emergy Analysis Applied to the Estimation of the Recovery of Costs for Water Services under the European Water Directive Framework
    Mark T. Brown, Amaya Martínez and Javier Uche
  3. The Emergy to Money Ratio of the United States from 1900 to 2007
    Daniel E. Campbell and Hongfang Lu
  4. Vivantary Responsibility: A New Framework for Business and Environmental Ethics
    Donald L. Adolphson and Eldon H. Franz
  5. A Call to Empower Gaia
    William Perk and Cornelius Crane
  6. The Emergy Basis for Formal Education in the United States
    Daniel E. Campbell and Hongfang Lu
  7. Is Emergy Best Suited for Ecological Economics, Environmental Economics, or with an Economic Context of Its Own?
    Erik Grönlund, Daniel Hedin and Per-Olof Eriksson

Advances in Methodology

  1. Emergy of Gold Mined at Yanacocha Based on an LCA Model
    Wesley W. Ingwersen
  2. Eco-LCA: An Emergy Inspired Approach and Software to Account for the Contribution of Natural Capital to Economic Activity
    Yi Zhang, Anil Baral and Bhavik R. Bakshi
  3. Ecosystem Services in Relation to the Local Renewable Emergy Sources - Experiences from a Case Study in Northern Sweden
    Erik Grönlund and Maria Salomonsson
  4. Emergy Methodology Improvement for a Proper Assessment of Sustainable Rural Systems
    Enrique Ortega, Fabio Takahashi, José Maria Gusman and Luis Alberto Ambrosio
  5. Suggestions for an Emergy Nomenclature
    Mark T. Brown
  6. Emergy Footprint - Ecological Footprint based on Emergy: Brazil as Case Study
    Lucas Gonçalves Pereira and Enrique Ortega
  7. Emergy Indices of Pollutant Density and Development Intensity
    Mark T. Brown
  8. Perpetuation of Partial Transformities through Sequential Analyses for Refined Emergy Accounting and Index Development
    David R. Tilley and Erika Felix
  9. From Transformity to Ordinality, or better: From Generative Transformity to Ordinal Generativity
    Corrado Giannantoni
  10. Architecture Case Study in Transformity Factorization
    Dennis Collins
  11. Complexity Measures in Ecological and Human-Dominated Systems: An Emergy-based Shannon Indicator
    Marco Ascione, Luigi Campanella and Sergio Ulgiati


Brown, M.T., S. Sweeney, D.E. Campbell, S. Huang, E. Ortega, T. Rydberg, D. Tilley and S. Ulgiati (eds). 2009. Emergy Synthesis 5: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology. Proceedings of the 5th Biennial Emergy Conference. Center for Environmental Policy, University of Florida, Gainesville. 612 pages.

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5th Biennial Conference

January 31
 - February 2, 2008

University of Florida
J. Wayne Reitz Union
Grand Ballroom,
 Salons A & E
Gainesville, Florida

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