6th Biennial Emergy Research Conference


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Emergy Synthesis 6: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology

Theory and Conceptual Frameworks

  1. "Quantus" Emergy
    Mark Brown
  2. Culture in Information Cycles: An Emergy Evaluation of Conversation
    Thomas Abel
  3. Some Continuous Empower2 Models
    Dennis Collins
  4. Critical Review of the Usage of Unit Emergy Values in Recent Studies
    Nana Yaw Amponsah and O. Le Corre
  5. Emergy and Sustainability in a Complex World
    Kyrke Gaudreau, Roydon A. Fraser and Stephen Murphy
  6. The Maximum Ordinality Principle: A Harmonious Dissonance
    Corrado Giannantoni
  7. World Parliament for the Age of Science
    David M. Scienceman and Florence du Roure de Beaujeu
  8. SolarShare: An Emergy Derived Index of Human Demand on Environment
    Mark Brown

Ecology and Ecosystem Services

  1. Renewable Emergy in Earth's Biomes
    Sherry Brandt-Williams and Mark Brown
  2. Emergy Synthesis for Valuing the Hydrologically Driven Ecosystem Services of Forest Lands
    Elliott Campbell and David Tilley
  3. Emergy Evaluation and Modeling of Ecological and Economic Benefits of Different Grassland Production Modes in Inner Mongolia
    Xiaobin Dong, Mark Brown, David Pfahler, Wes Ingwersen, Maochao Yan and Xinshi Zhang
  4. Emergy Synthesis of Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Land: A Case Study of the Taoyuan Area, Taiwan
    Ying-Chieh Lee and Shu-Li Huang
  5. Evaluation of Ecosystem Value Based on Emergy Theory: A Case Study in Jinchuan of Longwan National Nature Reserve, P.R. China
    Ma Liang, He Chunguan, Bian Hongfeng, Yan Hong, Li Hui and Sheng Lianxi
  6. Emergy and Eco-exergy Evaluation of Four Forest Restoration Modes in Southeast China
    Hongfang Lu, ZuoHan Wang, Daniel Campbell, Hai Ren and Jun Wang
  7. Estimating Payments for Environmental Services of a Brazilian Sub-Basin
    Maria Silvia Romitelli and Marlei Roling Scariot

Emergy Evaluations of Technology and Sustainability

  1. Use of Emergy Evaluation in Comparing Hydrogen Production via Steam Methane Reforming and Electrolysis - Impact on Transformity values
    Amponsah Nana Yaw and Le Corre Olivier
  2. Critical Analysis of the Swedish Biofuel Policy using Emergy Synthesis
    Otávio Cavalett and Torbjörn Rydberg
  3. Emergy Evaluation of an Integrated Bioenergy Production System - The Case Study of Enköping (Sweden)
    Elvira Buonocore, Pier Paolo Franzese, Torbjörn Rydberg and Sergio Ulgiati
  4. Integrated Systems for Food, Ethanol and Environmental Services Production in Land Reform Settlements
    Alexandre Souza and Enrique Ortega
  5. Emergy Evaluation of a Green Façade
    Jeffrey W. Price and David R. Tilley
  6. A New Index for Comparing Wastewater Treatment Scenarios
    Brandon K. Winfrey and David R. Tilley

Agricultural and Rural Systems

  1. Assessment of Emergy Indices Dynamics on Agricultural Production of Mogi-Guaçu and Pardo watershed, Brazil
    Feni Agostinho, Luís Alberto Ambrosio and Enrique Ortega
  2. Emergy Synthesis of Urban Agriculture in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Daniel A. Bergquist
  3. The Use of Emergy for Measuring the Environmental Costs and Benefits of Agricultural Practices in Scotland
    Robin Burgess
  4. Emergy Accounting of a Coffee Farm in the Brazilian Savannah
    Biagio Fernando Giannetti, Yoshisuke Ogura, Silvia Helena Bonilla and Cecilia Maria Villas Bôas de Almeida
  5. Small-Scale Community Based Management of Marine Resources vs. Large-Scale Industrial Aquaculture in Chile
    Charlotte Lagerberg Fogelberg and Daniel A. Bergquist
  6. Comparision of Emergy Indices for Horticultural Production through Conventional and Organic Methods in the county of Ibiuna, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Elisa Sayoko Nakajima, Antonio Nobre Junior and Enrique Ortega
  7. Energy Self-sufficiency from an Emergy Perspective Exemplified by a Model System of a Danish Farm Cooperative
    Hanne Østergård and Mads Ville Markussen
  8. Emergy Accounting of an Integrated Grazing-Milking System in Argentina's Pampas
    Gloria C. Rótolo, Verónica Charlón and Pier Paolo Franzese
  9. Emergy Evaluation of an Extensive Cattle Ranching System in Pantanal Watershed, Brazil
    Fábio Takahashi, Sandra Santos, Urbano Abreu and Enrique Ortega
  10. Emergy Assessment of Cinta Senese Breeding and Comparison with Conventional Pig Production
    Benedetto Rugani, Federico M. Pulselli and Valentina Niccolucci
  11. Exploring Resource Use and Biophysical Constraints on Scottish Agriculture, at Regional and National Scales
    Silvio Viglia, Amalia Zucaro, Pier Paolo Franzese, Kirsty L. Blackstock, Keith B. Matthews and Sergio Ulgiati
  12. Emergy Evaluation of Italian Agriculture Across Space and Time Scales
    Amalia Zucaro, Salvatore Mellino, Silvio Viglia and Sergio Ulgiati

Urban and Regional Systems

  1. Emergy-based Environmental Impact Assessment in Urban Metabolic Process: A Case Study of Beijing, 1999-2006
    Gengyuan Liu, Zhifeng Yang, Bin Chen and Sergio Ulgiati
  2. Emergy Synthesis of Food Consumption Pattern Change in Taiwan
    Ying-Chen Lin and Shu-Li Huang
  3. Emergy Synthesis of Albania for 2007
    Pëllumb Harizaj
  4. Emergy Synthesis and Ecological Footprint: Drawing a Parallel between Methodologies for a Sub-National Case Study
    Lucas Pereira and Enrique Ortega
  5. Local and Regional Resource and Landscape Management from the Point of View of the Next Larger Scale: The Emergy Synthesis Perspective
    Vittoria Bandini, Lorenzo Benini, Diego Marazza, Leonardo Marotta, Luciano Vogli and Andrea Contin

Economic and Social Systems

  1. The "Locations" of People and Households within the Culture-Nature Hierarchy of Hualien County, Taiwan
    Thomas Abel
  2. Emergy Evaluation of Educational Attainment in the United States
    Daniel E. Campbell, Hongfang Lu and Kacy Kolb
  3. Emergy in Labor - Approaches for Evaluating Knowledge
    Daniel A. Bergquist, Wesley Ingwersen and Danielle King Liebenow
  4. Energy Systems Diagramming and Discourse Analysis - the Case of Large-Scale Biofuel Production
    Torbjörn Rydberg, Otávio Cavalett, Eva Friman and Gloria Gallardo
  5. Emergy Cost-Benefit Evaluation of Alternatives for the Mud Volcano Disaster, East Java, Indonesia
    John McLachlan-Karr
  6. Emergy Indices for Assessing Vulnerability
    Li-Fang Chang and Shu-Li Huang

Advances in Methodology

  1. Assessing Geobiosphere Work of Generating Global Reserves of Coal, Crude Oil and Natural Gas
    Mark Brown, Gaetano Protano, and Sergio Ulgiati
  2. An Uncertainty Model for Emergy
    Wesley W. Ingwersen
  3. Agent-Based Emergy Analysis: A Lagrangian Model of Energy Memory
    Caner Kazanci, John R. Schramski and Ernest W. Tollner
  4. New Emergy Indices for a Prosperous Way Down
    Enrique Ortega
  5. Mathematical Revisions to Odum's Dynamic Emergy Accounting
    David R. Tilley
  6. Criteria for Quality Assessment of Unit Emergy Values Brazil as Case Study
    Sergio Ulgiati, Feni Agostinho, Pedro L. Lomas, Enrique Ortega, Silvio Viglia, Pan Zhang and Amalia Zucaro


  1. Hija Kim, Munbo Choi, Deaseok Kang and Suk Mo Lee. Eco-Efficiency Evaluation of Automobiles and Bicycles as Personal Transportation


Brown, M.T., S. Sweeney, D.E. Campbell, S. Huang, E. Ortega, T. Rydberg, D. Tilley and S. Ulgiati (eds). 2011. Emergy Synthesis 6: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology. Proceedings of the 6th Biennial Emergy Conference. Center for Environmental Policy, University of Florida, Gainesville. 610 pages.

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6th Biennial Conference

January 14-16, 2010

University of Florida
J. Wayne Reitz Union
Grand Ballroom,
 Salons D & H
Gainesville, Florida

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