7th Biennial Emergy Research Conference


Chapters from the Proceedings are available here as individual PDF files. Note that some papers were published in copyrighted journals or books and chapters for those papers contain only an abstract and the citation. A paperback book version of the Proceedings is also available. Please contact us for purchasing information.

Emergy Synthesis 7: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology

Theory and Conceptual Frameworks

  1. Conversation in Cycles: The Dynamics of Culture Sharing
    Thomas Abel
  2. The Maximum (Em)Power Principle as a Cross-Disciplinary Interpretational Key: From Ecology to Psychology
    Fabio Beni, Marco Raugei
  3. Economic and Noneconomic Methods for Valuing Environmental Goods and Services
    Daniel E. Campbell
  4. Toward a Mathematical Origin of Species
    Dennis G. Collins
  5. The Relevance of Emerging Solutions for Thinking, Decision Making and Acting. The case of Smart Grids
    Corrado Giannantoni
  6. Can Resource Pulses Improve Empower Acquisition of an Ecosystem?
    Seungjun Lee
  7. Critical Analysis of Green Economy Proposals
    Enrique Ortega
  8. A Different Take on the Emergy Baseline – Or Can There Really Be Any Such Thing
    Marco Raugei
  9. Religion-Science Amalgam (Reliscience)
    David Scienceman, Dennis Collins

Ecology and Ecosystem Services

  1. Water Hyacinth Biomass Valuation Using Emergy
    Luz S. Buller, Enrique Ortega, Ivan Bergier
  2. Valuing Ecosystem Services from Maryland Forests
    Elliott Campbell, David Tilley
  3. Environmental and Economic Consequences of the Overexploitation of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services in Xilinguole League, China
    Xiaobin Dong, B.H. Yu, Mark T. Brown, Y.S. Zhang, M.Y. Kang, Y. Jin, X.S. Zhang, Sergio Ulgiati
  4. Emergy and Evaluating Ecosystem Services in a Sumatran Peat Swamp, Indonesia
    John McLachlan-Karr, Daniel Campbell
  5. An Emergy–GIS Approach to the Evaluation of Renewable Resource Flows: A Case Study of Campania Region, Italy
    Salvatore Mellino, Maddalena Ripa, Amalia Zucaro, Sergio Ulgiati
  6. Application of the Landscape Development Intensity (LDI) Index in Wetland Mitigation Banking
    Kelly Chinners Reiss, Erica Hernandez, Mark T. Brown
  7. Energy Analysis of Using Macroalgae from Eutrophic Waters As a Bioethanol Feedstock
    Michele Seghetta, Hanne Østergård, Simone Bastianoni
  8. Simulation of Carbon and Water Cycles in a Brazilian Watershed: The Impact of Land-Use Change
    Marcos Watanabe, Enrique Ortega

Emergy Evaluations of Industry, Technology, and Sustainability

  1. Environmental Building Design: Forms of Emergy
    William W. Braham
  2. Emergy Evaluation of Biofuel Production from Water Hyacinth Biomass: Case Study of a Sub Region of Pantanal, Brazil
    Luz S. Buller, Enrique Ortega, Ivan Bergier
  3. Emergy-based Sustainability Rating System for Canadian Construction Projects
    Navid Hossaini, Kasun Hewage
  4. Emergy Evaluation of a Refuse-Derived Fuel Processing Facility in Wonju, Korea
    Jina Im, Daeseok Kang
  5. Eco-Environmental Assessment of Heat Plants: Biomass or Natural Gas?
    Nadia Jamali-Zghal, Nana Yaw Amponsah, Bruno Lacarriere, Olivier Le Corre1, Michel Feidt
  6. Emergy Evaluation of the Tidal Power Plant in Saemanguem, Korea
    Laura Hija J. Kim, Suk Mo Lee
  7. Emergy Evaluation of Landfills for Methane Generation, Recoverability, and Sustainability
    Smiti Nepal, Elliott Campbell
  8. The Solar Transformity of Power and Heat in Combined Heat and Power Production
    Sha Sha, Markku Hurme
  9. Environmental Accounting of Limestone Rock Processing for Agricultural Use
    Carlos Cezar Da Silva, Igor Corsini, Kátia Tagliaferro, Geslaine Frimaio, Cecília M. V. B. Almeida, Adrielle Frimaio, Silvia H. Bonilla
  10. Electricity Production from Agricultural Wastes: An Emergy Evaluation
    Carlos Cezar da Silva, Biagio F. Giannetti, Cecília M. V. B. Almeida, Geslaine F. Silva, Silvia H. Bonilla, José A. B. Grimoni
  11. The Estimate of Sediment Loss in the EMergy-based Flows of a Hydropower Production System
    Juan Yang, Qiang Tu, Baolin Liu

Agricultural and Rural Systems

  1. Emergy Analysis of a Sucessional Agroforestry System (SAF)
    Teldes Corrêa Albuquerque, Enrique Ortega Rodríguez, Victor Salek Bosso
  2. Sustainability of Extensive Livestock Systems in Alentejo: Viability in the Face of Rising Energy Prices
    Ana Margarida Fonseca, Teresa Pinto-Correia
  3. Emergy-Based Sustainability Assessment and Perspectives of Regional Agriculture in Northern and Southern Italy
    Patrizia Ghisellini, Amalia Zucaro, Sergio Ulgiati
  4. Emergy Evaluation of Governmental Policies on Derelict Fishing Gears in South Korea
    Sunwook Hong, Daeseok Kang, Jongmyoung Lee
  5. Incorporation of Emergy Analysis into Decision-Making at the Farm Level: A Conceptual Model and its Implications for Agri-Environmental Policy Design
    Tina Jaklič, Luka Juvančič, Marko Debeljak
  6. The Maximum Empower Principle: An Invisible Hand Controlling the Self-Organizing Development of Forest Plantations in South China
    Linjun Li, Hongfang Lu, David R. Tilley, Hai Ren, Weijun Shen
  7. Comparison of an Energy Systems Mini-Model to a Process-Based Eco-Physiological Model for Simulating Forest Growth
    Linjun Li, David R. Tilley, Hongfang Lu, Hai Ren, Guoyu Qiu
  8. Spatial Emergy Synthesis of the Environmental Impacts from Agricultural Production System Change – A Case Study of Taiwan
    Ying-Chen Lin, Shu-Li Huang
  9. Sustainability of Milk and Orange Production Systems, Part I: Emergy Analysis in the Annual Cycles of Production
    Edmar Eduardo Bassan Mendes, Irineu Arcaro Jr., Luis Alberto Ambrosio
  10. Sustainability of the Milk and Orange Production Systems, Part II: Analysis of La Niña Pulsing Effect on the Emergy Flows
    Edmar Eduardo Bassan Mendes, Irineu Arcaro Jr., Luis Alberto Ambrosio
  11. An Over Time Multi-Criteria Accounting of a Brazilian Bamboo Plantation
    Luiz Ghelmandi Netto, Biagio F. Giannetti, Silvia H. Bonilla, Gloria Rótolo, Cecília M. V. B. Almeida
  12. Emergy Evaluation of a Mountain Socio-Economic System and Traditional Agroproduction: A Case Study in Indian Trans-Himalaya
    Federico M. Pulselli, Vladimiro Pelliciardi
  13. Environmental Evaluation of Transgenic Corn Seed Production in Argentina
    Gloria C. Rótolo, M. Mercedes Rivero P., Andrés Pereyra, Roque Craviotto, Silvio Viglia, Sergio Ulgiati

Regional Economic and Social Systems

  1. Sustainability, Indicators, and Institutions of Higher Education
    Tingting Cai, Thomas Olsen, Dan Campbell
  2. Emergy of the Occupations
    Daniel E. Campbell, Denis White, Carolyn Fonyo Boggess
  3. Dengue Control in Florida and Transformity
    Dennis G. Collins, Glenn H. Collins
  4. Emergy Accounting of Brazilian States and Regions
    Fernando J. C. Demétrio, Biagio F. Giannetti, Silvia H. Bonilla, Cecilia M. V. B. Almeida
  5. Emergy-based Ecological Pressure Analysis of Land Use in China
    Yang Gao, Shuangcheng Li, Zhe Feng
  6. Emergy-Based Dynamic Mechanisms of Urban Development, Resource Consumption and Environmental Impacts
    Gengyuan Liu, Zhifeng Yang, Bin Chen, Sergio Ulgiati
  7. How Sustainable is Coal Power Generation in China? A Joint Application of Energy, Emergy and Carbon Accounting
    Bo Lou, Sergio Ulgiati, Chaofan Sun
  8. Solar Emergy Evaluation of the Portuguese Economy
    Carlos Oliveira, Cecília Martins, José Gonçalves, Francisco Veiga
  9. Assessment of Services in Emergy Accounting of Nations
    Lucas Pereira, Enrique Ortega
  10. Study of the Environmental Sustainability of São Caetano do Sul Using Emergy Synthesis
    Fábio Sevegnani, Cecília M.V.B. Almeida, Biagio F. Giannetti, Silvia H. Bonilla

Advances in Methodology

  1. A Geobiosphere Baseline for LCA – Emergy Evaluations
    Mark T. Brown, Sergio Ulgiati
  2. Emergy Evaluations of the Global Biogeochemical Cycles of Six Biologically Active Elements and Two Compounds
    Daniel E. Campbell, Hongfang Lu, Bin-Le Lin
  3. Crustal Specific Emergy Scaled by 'Transformity' Enrichment
    Chris De Vilbiss
  4. How to Manage Inputs from Co-production Processes in Emergy Accounting
    Andreas Kamp & Hanne Østergård
  5. Development of Eco-Efficiency Index by Emergy Analysis
    Dong Joo Lee, Suk Mo Lee
  6. Set Theory Applied to Uniquely Define the Inputs to Territorial Systems in Emergy Analyses
    Fabiana Morandi, Daniel E. Campbell, Simone Bastianoni
  7. Evaluation of Matrix Algebra Methods for Calculating Transformities from Ecological and Economic Network Data
    Murray Patterson
  8. The Added Value of Integrating Emergy into LCA
    Marco Raugei, Benedetto Rugani, Enrico Benetto, Wesley W. Ingwersen
  9. A Fuzzy-Based Approach for Characterization of Uncertainties in Emergy Synthesis: An Example of Paved Road System
    Bahareh Reza, Rehan Sadiq, Kasun Hewage
  10. Quantifying the Emergy of Resources: Challenges for a Bottom-up Approach
    Benedetto Rugani, Enrico Benetto, Damien Arbault, Ligia Tiruta-Barna, Antonino Marvuglia
  11. Dealing with Emergy Algebra in the Life Cycle Assessment Framework
    Benedetto Rugani, Enrico Benetto, Ligia Tiruta-Barna, Wesley W. Ingwersen,
    Antonino Marvuglia, Damien Arbault
  12. Labor and Services
    Sergio Ulgiati, Mark T. Brown
  13. Comparison of Principles for Allocating Emergy to Recycled Materials in Natural and Managed Ecosystems
    Brandon K. Winfrey, David R. Tilley
  14. Estimating Transformity (UEV) with Economic Input-Output Models
    Lixiao Zhang, Zhifeng Yang, Guoqian Chen, Gengyuan Liu


  1. Emergy Cost Benefit: Comparison of a Cooling Tower vs. an Algal Turf Scrubber for Reduction of Thermal Waste
    Elliott Campbell, Patrick Kangas, Mark Ross


Brown, M.T., S. Sweeney, D.E. Campbell, S. Huang, D. Kang, T. Rydberg, D. Tilley and S. Ulgiati (eds). 2013. Emergy Synthesis 7: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology. Proceedings of the 7th Biennial Emergy Conference. Center for Environmental Policy, University of Florida, Gainesville. 586 pages.

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7th Biennial Conference

January 12-14, 2012

University of Florida
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