8th Biennial Emergy Research Conference


Chapters from the Proceedings are available here as individual PDF files. Note that some papers were published in copyrighted journals or books and chapters for those papers contain only an abstract and the citation. A paperback book version of the Proceedings is also available. Please contact us for purchasing information.

Emergy Synthesis 8: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology

Theory and Conceptual Frameworks

  1. Convergence and Divergence in the Production of Energy Transformation Hierarchies
    Thomas Abel
  2. The United States of Abraham: A Path toward Peace in the Middle East?
    Daniel E. Campbell, David M. Scienceman, Elliott T. Campbell
  3. Emergy/Symplexity
    Dennis Collins
  4. Odum and the Vicious Circle Principle
    Craig Dilworth
  5. Toward One Sole Reference Principle Generating “Emerging Solutions” of Progressively Ascending Ordinality
    Corrado Giannantoni
  6. Social Metabolism Using Emergy and Political Analysis
    Enrique Ortega and Miguel Juan Bacic
  7. We need to build-up a culture able to understand emergy to make possible Degrowth, Eco-Socialism and Communitarian Organization
    Enrique Ortega

Ecology and Ecosystem Services

  1. Emergy Analysis for Quantifying Nutrient Regulating Ecosystem Services of a Subtidal Oyster Reef Brittany N. Blomberg, Paul Montagna, Jennifer Beseres Pollack, David Yoskowitz
  2. The Real Wealth Purchased in a Fish Dinner
    Daniel E. Campbell, Cathleen Wigand, Nicole B. Schuetz
  3. Emergy Evaluation of the Forest Ecosystems in Jigongshan Mountain Natural Reserve of China: A Case Study for Ecosystems Valuation and Environmental Decision Making
    Maochao Yan, Sergio Ulgiati, Xiaobin Dong, Yuqin Wu, Wangsheng Gao
  4. Cycling Emergy: Computing Emergy in Trophic Networks
    Lucía Zarbá, Mark T. Brown
  5. Effect of Time Scale on Accounting for Renewable Emergy in Ecosystems Located in Humid and Arid Climates
    Linjun Li, Hongfang Lu, David R. Tilley, Guoyu Qiu

Emergy Evaluations of Industry, Technology, and Society

  1. Hierarchies of Production in a Contemporary Residence
    William W. Braham, Hwang Yi
  2. Computing the Unit Emergy Value of Computers – A First Attempt
    André L.A. Di Salvo, Feni Agostinho
  3. Emergy Analysis of an English School Located in the South of Minas Gerais, Brazil
    Daniel M. Lupinacci, Silvia H. Bonilla
  4. Emergy Accounting of the Distance Teaching Version of a Technical Course on Management by IFSULDEMINAS: A Case Study
    José Hugo de Oliveira, Cecilia M.V.B. Almeida
  5. Sustainability of Tourism in the Alps: The Role of Hotels
    Dina Rizio, Geremia Gios
  6. Influence of Cellulase Enzyme Production on the Energetic–Environmental Performance of Lignocellulosic Ethanol
    Feni Agostinho, Ana B.B. Bertaglia, Cecília M.V.B. Almeida, Biagio F. Giannetti
  7. Emergy Analysis of Emerging Methods of Fossil Fuel Production
    Elliott T. Campbell
  8. Impacts of Fuel Collecting Radius on Biomass Direct-Fired Power System: Insights from the Emergy Analysis of a Case Plant in China
    Mingyue Pang, Lixiao Zhang, Changbo Wang
  9. Emergy Assessment of the Benefits of Closed-Loop Recycling Accounting for Material Losses
    Bruno Lacarrière, Kévin Ruben Deutz, Nadia Jamali-Zghal, Olivier Le Corre

Agricultural and Rural Systems

  1. Soil Improvement and Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Integrated Crop–Livestock Systems: Case Study Assessment in the Pantanal Savanna Highland, Brazil
    Luz Selene Buller, Ivan Bergier, Enrique Ortega, Anibal Moraes, Gustavo Bayma-Silva, Marilia Ribeiro Zanetti
  2. Emergy Analysis of a Silvo-Pastoral System, a Case Study in Southern Portugal
    Ana Margarida P. Fonseca, Daniel E. Campbell, C. Marques
  3. Emergy Synthesis as a Tool to Assess Soil Quality Change
    Fernando Guerra, Marcio Roberto Soares, José Carlos Casagrande, Takashi Muraoka, Thiago Libório Romanelli
  4. Complementarity of Socio-Economic and Emergy Evaluation of Agricultural Production Systems: The Case of Slovenian Dairy Sector
    Tina Jaklič, Luka Juvančič, Stane Kavčič, Marko Debeljak
  5. Food and Biogas Production in a Ghanaian Village - Results and New Perspectives on Labor UEVs
    Andreas Kamp, Hanne Østergård
  6. Emergy Synthesis of the Effects of Paddy Rice Landscape Changes on 201 Agro-Ecosystem Services in Taiwan
    Ying-Chieh Lee
  7. Changes in Values of Emergy Sustainability Indices for Agricultural Holdings in Kujawy and Pomerania Regions after Accession of Poland to the European Union
    Anna Lewandowska-Czarnecka, Andrzej Nienartowicz, Adam J. Czarnecki
  8. Sustainability of Milk Production System: Capital Diagnosis and Emergy Synthesis
    Edmar Eduardo Bassan Mendes, Irineu Arcaro Jr., Luis Alberto Ambrosio
  9. Assessing Alternative Developments for Milk Production in the Southern Region of Minas Gerais State, Brazil: an Emergy Perspective
    Max Wilson Oliveira, Feni Agostinho
  10. Scales of Renewability Exemplified by a Case Study of Three Danish Pig Production Systems
    Christina Wright, Hanne Østergård

Regional Economic and Social Systems

  1. Spatial Difference of Solarshare in Taiwan Food Consumption
    Ying-Chen Lin
  2. Emergy Evaluation of Hierarchically Nested Systems: Application to EU27, Italy and Tuscany and Consequences for the Meaning of Emergy Indicators
    Fabiana Morandi, Daniel E. Campbell, Federico M. Pulselli, Simone Bastianoni
  3. Carrying Capacity Using Emergy Evaluation and Ecological Footprint
    Elisa Sayoko Nakajima, Enrique Ortega
  4. GIS use of Empower Density for Environmental Protection
    John R. Richardson, Neil Burns, Robyn Polinsky
  5. Study of ABC Paulista Exports and Imports Using Emergy Synthesis
    Fábio Sevegnani, C.M.V.B. Almeida, B.F. Giannetti, S.H. Bonilla, F. Agostinho

Advances in Methodology

  1. New Method to Compute the Emergy of Crustal Minerals
    Christopher D. De Vilbiss, Mark T. Brown
  2. Open Issues in Emergy Methodology
    Enrique Ortega., Simone Bastianoni
  3. Dealing with Waste Products and Flows in Life Cycle Assessment and Emergy Accounting: Methodological Overview and Synergies
    Alba Bala Gala, Marco Raugei, Maddalena Ripa, Sergio Ulgiati
  4. Environmental Value Engineering (EVE): An Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Methodology for Comparing Built-Environment Alternatives
    Wilfred H. Roudebush
  5. Emergy and Co-emergy
    Stephen E. Tennenbaum
  6. Transformity Dynamics Related to Maximum Power for Improved Emergy Yield Estimations
    David Tilley

Addendum to Agricultural and Rural Systems

  1. Emergy Accounting of a Specialized Danish Pig Production – Potential Allocation of Resource Use
    Christina Wright, Hanne Østergård


Brown, M.T., S. Sweeney, D.E. Campbell, S. Huang, T. Rydberg, and S. Ulgiati (eds). 2015. Emergy Synthesis 8: Theory and Applications of the Emergy Methodology. Proceedings of the 8th Biennial Emergy Conference. Center for Environmental Policy, University of Florida, Gainesville. 586 pages.

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8th Biennial Conference

January 16-18, 2014

University of Florida
J. Wayne Reitz Union
Ballroom A
Gainesville, Florida

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