10th Biennial Emergy Research Conference

Conference Schedule

The Conference Programwith abstracts is now available.

Please note we have two free pre-conference workshops scheduled for January 24, 2018 (see below).

January 24, 2018 Pre-conference Workshop, 1-4:00pm, Phelps Lab
Prosperous Way Down
January 24, 2018 Pre-conference Workshop, 1-4:00pm, Marston Science Library L136
SCALEM® Users’ Workshop
January 24, 2018 Early check-in and light dinner, 6-9pm, Phelps Lab
January 25, 2018 Registration, 7:45am
January 25, 2018 Conference 8:15am - 6:00pm, , Reitz Union, The Chamber and G315
January 26, 2018 Conference 8:20am-3:30pm, Poster Session and Reception, 4:30pm-9pm
January 27, 2018 Conference 8:20am-12:30pm
January 27, 2018 Emergy Society (ISAER) meeting at close of conference, 12:30-2:30pm
January 27, 2018 Final reception hosted by Mark Brown & Carol Binello, 6pm

SCALEM® Users’ Workshop
Free pre-conference workshop
Wednesday, January 24, Marston Science Library L136, 1:00-4:00pm

organized by Antonino Marvuglia

The software SCALEM® has been recently developed to compute eMergy flows by using life cycle inventory (LCI) product system models, which are made of a collection of thousands of interconnected unit processes containing average technology data. Accordingly, LCI is the most advanced and formally acknowledged form of product system environmental accounting. The software allows eMergy flows to be traced to identify how the internal supply-chains of any life cycle product system interact and converge to a functional unit, i.e. a desired reference quantity of the studied product. This allows automatic eMergy calculation for real technology-driven systems (production processes), which are detailed in the LCI matrix.

This workshop will first describe the functionalities of the software SCALEM® and then will allow the users to run a hands-on section where they will be able to work with the software with their own data. If the attendees do not have own data to work with, examples of case studies will be run with data temporarily provided by the instructors. A copy of SCALEM® will be distributed before the conference, to allow users to experiment the software before and give the instructors their feedback on it.

The link to download the software will appear at the following webpage:

The workshop will include three parts:

Part 1. Introduction to Life Cycle Inventories (LCI) and Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) principles (30 min);
Part 2. Short demonstration of SCALEM (45 min);
Part 3. Students hands on the software (with own data or with data provided by the instructors) (45 min)

Prosperous Way Down Workshop
Free pre-conference workshop
Wednesday, January 24, Phelps Lab 101, 1:00-4:00pm

From organizer Tom Abel:
The Prosperous Way Down Committee will hold a workshop on Wednesday, Jan 24, from 1-4pm. We invite all interested persons to join us. The format will allow persons who want to raise an issue approximately 15-20 minutes to make their case, including some discussion. So choose some key topics. If we keep them short we can allow many people to raise issues. Topics can be PWD, of course, but you can also address related issues like De-Growth, Transition, the end of the world(!), anything that seems appropriate. Looking forward to seeing you there.

10th Biennial Conference

January 25-27, 2018

University of Florida
J. Wayne Reitz Union
Gainesville, Florida

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